Dear Math…

“Dear Math, I don’t want to solve your problems. I have plenty of my own.”

Does that sentiment sound familiar? It’s how so many students entering college feel and a big reason why many adult learners hesitate to return to college. The truth is, more than half of college freshman need remediation in math when entering college. Spending time and money in developmental math courses is often a huge barrier to graduation.EdReady logo - math cloud

The good news? We can help.

If you are motivated to check your readiness for college math and work through a personalized study path, our EdReady program is for YOU! EdReady is a FREE program offered by Distance Minnesota to help you improve your math skills to test out of pre-college math courses – saving you time and approximately $600 per three credit course!

Talk to an advisor today about your options. Don’t let math scare you out of a college degree!

Contributed by: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor


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