In demand: Advocates for health

If someone was looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, where would they look? Online probably: blogs, research websites or maybe Pinterest. But how do you know what is truthful and what will work for you? Are there local resources you can turn to for answers? In many cases, yes.Two women working at a computer

Community Health Workers “assist individuals and communities to adopt healthy behaviors.” (United States Department of Labor) Available to provide resources, support, informal counseling and basic health care such as first aid or blood pressure screenings, Community Health Workers play an important role in the overall health of a community. Given nationwide efforts to improve individual health and reduce healthcare costs, this career field is on the GROW! According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment is expected to grow 21% by 2020.

Sound like something you could be passionate about? Depending on the position you are interested in, education requirements may vary (two-year vs. four-year). Ask an online advisor about your options for an AA, AS, AAS or BS degree. If you are already a nurse or have a background in human services, you may just be looking for approved Community Health Worker curriculum, as required for positions. that would work with Minnesota Health Care Programs recipients.

You’re in luck! Distance Minnesota and Northwest Technical College offer one of the few available Community Health Worker certificates and it’s available ONLINE! Start any time: fall, spring or summer. Connect with an online advisor today to learn more about admission, credit transfer and course opportunities.

Contributed by: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor


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