In demand: The cavalry

In our office (and likely most office settings), we have the cavalry: a group of individuals who come and solve all of our problems when we are faced with difficulties. They are the individuals on staff who know the nitty-gritty details, are the experts at finding what’s needed, fixing spreadsheets and copiers, and can pull together a masterpiece report at the last minute. Here, that group is made up largely of administrative staff. They are our cavalry and our glue; we need them!

Guess what? Some other office, somewhere in Minnesota, needs YOU!

Executive SecretariesAdministrative Assistants and Medical Secretaries are in high demand all across the state. Overall, Minnesota businesses will need to fill almost 12, 000 of these types of positions through 2020. (ISEEK) And because we know these folks are essential to operations, the pay is good too. Average Minnesota wages for these positions is $19.61 per hour and typically include benefits as well.woman at a computer with a headset on

You might be thinking that anyone can do these types of jobs. While most positions don’t require formal education, those successful in becoming ESSENTIAL to daily operations are:

  • highly skilled in computer hardware, software and programming
  • familiar with economic and accounting principles, financial analysis and reporting on data
  • proficient in the English language and communication techniques
  • knowledgeable in strategic planning and resource allocation
  • and so SO much more

Not you? But you’re willing to work towards that goal? Well good, then we can help. Distance Minnesota offers Certificate, Diploma and Associate degrees in each of these areas to help you learn the skills needed to be successful in becoming “the cavalry” wherever you shall roam:

Make yourself indispensable and start today!

Connect with an online advisor about program faculty, credit transfer or applying for admission.

Contributed by: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor


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