Got Grit?

“I would advise you NOT to take 12 credits this summer,”  my college counselor exclaimed.  I knew there would be many obstacles: a condensed semester, managing multiple assignments and not being able to spend time with my family.  I also knew I was determined, self-motivated and  hardworking.  So, I signed up for four classes.  That summer, I studied vigorously, attended class everyday and completed all my assignments by the due dates.  In the end, I received all A’s!  Granted, I am not the smartest person, so how did I accomplish my goal?  I had GRIT!

What is grit?  It’s your drive and motivation to achieve your goal and bounce back from any setbacks.  Discover how gritty you are with this fun, interactive quiz.  Then, I challenge you to use your GRIT this week.  Apply to that program you always wanted to start, finish your degree or register for your fall courses.  Are you still a little hesitant?  Check out these helpful tips:

Passion – Figure out what’s important to you.  Then go for it!  If the goal is something you want, you will be motivated to achieve it.

Practice – Practice following through and not giving up.  Even on the little, everyday tasks.  The more you practice, the more it will become second nature.

Continue – When the going gets tough, keep going.  Dig deep within yourself to find the strength to continue on.  If you give up you will never reach your goal.

Support – Know who you can count on when you have a problem and ask for help.  Your support team with carry your through the tough times.

Contributed by: Kimberly Imdieke / Online Advisor



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