Your pre-summer checklist…

Spring term is over and the weather is nice and wet. Before you really jump into your summer break, we have a few recommendations to consider:

  1. Get Fall 2014 registration out of the way. Fall courses have already begun to fill. If you are wanting to graduate on time from your program, make sure to register early so you can get into the classes you need.
  2. Review your academic plan. Check to make sure you don’t need to supplement your education by taking a summer course or two. If you had to drop a course this past spring or fall, you may need to take a summer course to graduate on grass
  3. Enjoy Minnesota. Let’s face it, most people don’t live or visit Minnesota for the winters. With the coming of summer, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Spend some time fishing, hiking, camping or relaxing on the water. Spend some time getting recharged for the next term of classes.
  4. Finally, take a look at opportunities. Be sure to check out opportunities for apprenticeships, internships or something that will work as a resume builder. The summer is a good time to participate in programs or activities that will make you a more attractive potential employee.

If you would like some help in going over your academic plan, discuss possible courses or help registering for classes, we are here to help.

Have fun this summer!

Online Advising Team


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