3 things

My name is Nicole and I am forgetful.

I often fail to remember dates or errands. My husband tells me to write myself a list so that I remember, but that doesn’t usually work either. You see, my brain can typically only remember three things in the short-term. When I’m headed out the door, those three things usually include kid #1, kid #2 and my car keys.Nicole holding up three fingers

So, with humility, here are three things (that I could actually remember) that I think you need to know this week:

  1. The Distance Minnesota Bookstore is open for summer and eligible students can now charge textbooks (to student accounts or financial aid). Students from Northland Community & Technical College and Alexandria Technical & Community College who are using a third party funder to order books need to complete a third party book order form.
  2. Your next tuition payment deadline is Friday, May 16. Keep your seat and make payment arrangements before then. We have additional tuition and fees information online.
  3. There is still lots of space available in summer courses! Summer term is short and courses move quickly, but it’s a great way to get a course or two out of the way and make some progress on your program completion.

That’s it. Easy, huh? If you have a fourth thing you have questions about, please know that advisors (less forgetful than myself) are available seven days a week to help you out. Just email, chat or call 1-800-657-3930!

Contributed by: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor


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