Be brave.

“Are you placing enough interesting, freakish, long shot, weirdo bets?” — Tom Peters

You might be thinking that I chose an odd quote to start out this post, but Mr. Peters brings up a good question. ARE YOU taking enough “long shot, weirdo bets?” Some of the best things in my life are the result of me stepping out on a limb, doing something a little out of character or making a choice others thought I was crazy for. Don’t believe me?

  1. College
    My senior year of high school, I was all set to attend a rather prestigious private university. I had even scored myself a rather hefty scholarship. Everyone was so excited for me. Then, one day, (out of the blue) someone asked me where I was going to college and I responded with a completely different answer than what was expected. I surprised myself a bit, actually. Turned out to be a great decision though. I loved my time there and met some really great people.
  2. Job
    I started with Distance Minnesota eight (yes, EIGHT) years ago as a temp. Just graduated from college, I wasn’t really looking for work in the area and still a little uncertain of what I wanted to do with my life. Someone told me about the temp position and I jumped on it. Seemed like something I could pass some time with. Little did I know I would like working in higher education so much!
  3. Husband
    Our mothers and my aunt were in cahoots to set us up, but we both resisted. However, Hubby kept my number and eventually called. I answered and, after a series of brave actions on both of our parts, the rest is history. Seven years in, I can honestly say that those risks paid off.Be Brave (as a bird perched on a lion)

I know I have other interesting bets ahead of me. Should I travel or save my pennies for a bigger venture? Should I advance my degree or consider a new career path? Maybe you’re facing the same kinds of decisions? If so, we have some resources that might help you listed below. Consider using them or contacting us for additional information.

And as you prepare to place some freakish bet on YOURSELF, be brave.

Contributed by: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor

[Image credit: Growing Agile]


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