My daughter has won the all school spelling bee three out of four times…in 5th grade, 6th grade and again this year in 8th grade. She was out sick in 7th grade and couldn’t compete. However, according to her, she would have won that one, too.

On the morning of this year’s competition, I dropped her off at school. As she was getting out of the car, I urged her to be gentle with herself if she happened not to win. She said to me, in no uncertain terms:  “Mom, I’m going to win.” And then, she did.arrows creating a stragegy

Now, before you think my daughter is completely smug and arrogant, I can tell you, she’s not. She has just naturally found a way to strategize her success. She sees what she wants to happen. Then, she believes that it will. This is a skill that all of us once possessed when we were kids. We believed that anything was possible and most of the time, it was true. We amazed ourselves daily. Without knowing it, we strategized our successes.


How do we begin to strategize our successes again? We start. It’s as simple as that. See what it is that you want. Believe that it is possible. Feel what it would be like to accomplish it. Just start now and amaze yourself.

While writing this blog, I misspelled “strategy”. It came out “startegy”. Coincidence? I think not.

Contributed By: Teresa “Tess” Blatti | Online Advisor

[Image credit: Incedo Group]


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