[Getting past the] Holiday Haze

Now that the holidays are over and spring semester is about the start, it’s time to shake off that holiday haze that seems to hang around for the first few weeks of the new year. Once again I have needed to break out my mental checklist to make sure I’m ready to hit my courses running.Checklist

Finances…check. Books…check. D2L login…check. And last, but possibly one of the more important things, checking my school email for any correspondence from instructors.

On December 13 (one month from our course start date), my Microeconomics instructor sent out a great email letting his students know what to expect during the course. He included the course schedule and syllabus (usually not available until the first day of class) in his email. Then on December 23 (three weeks from start), another email with more course details and information about an online resource we’d be using for the course. January 6 (one week from start), yet another email with some Q & A’s from previous students about expectations, heavy homework weeks and extra credit opportunities (which there are none for this course).

Of my two courses, I was not looking forward to this econ course when I registered for it. However, after reading his emails, I’m now excited about getting into the course and learning with him and my classmates.

As you read this, please note:

  1. Communications from instructors and course access vary by course.
  2. I’m making sure I schedule time in for ice fishing during the early part of the semester. Make sure to do the same with whatever allows you to relax and enjoy life during the semester.

Contributor: Tom Tougas | Student and DM Program Specialist

Courses start Monday, January 13. Distance Minnesota has staff available over the weekend and until 9:00pm on weeknights to help you with course access, paying tuition and more. Good luck!


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