Naughty or nice?

Elf on the shelf with orange peels and naught/nice post-its

Visit the Resource Center to help yourself find direction this coming year! Maybe you will find a tool to help you be NICE.

Are you being “nice” this year? During the holiday season (and especially with new years’ resolutions looming) we may tend to reflect on our actions during the past year and vow to be better in the months to come.

How can you get yourself off the naughty list when it comes to your education?  Let’s start listing the little things that plop you into that category:

  1. Procrastination – try not to put off ‘til tomorrow the things you can check off your list today
  2. Disorganization – pull it all together by devoting an extra 15 minutes a day to planning your priorities
  3. Slacking – you know you do it… Try to give it your all from now on… maybe you will even surprise yourself!

Below are a few tips to get you on the “nice list”!


New start

Remember to forgive yourself if you slip up. Each day is a chance to improve yourself.



Another word for “visualize”… If you write your goals, you are more likely to reach them.  Try to imagine all the good things you deserve – then make a plan to get there!



It takes courage to take steps to improve yourself… Be brave and approach change with a positive attitude.



As a student, it’s important to be enthusiastic and place value in your own education.  Do your own work, study hard and be engaged in the classroom. Check out these great learning resources!

Here’s to all of you as you make your commitment to be N.I.C.E. from now on!

Submitted by Kristi A. Karels | Online Technologist (and still trying to get on the nice list)


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