What is Your Time Management Style?

My sister and I are opposites; I like to accomplish and she likes to ponder.  Last year when we were planning our spring break trip, I would call her daily reminding her we need to book our reservations.  I know I drove her crazy and she was always telling me, “You have a different timeline than most people.”  But I was restless until the trip was booked!

My motto is simple, when I have something to do – I prioritize and complete.  This served me well as a college student.  For example, when I was done with a class, I would go back to the dorm and finish the assignment right away.   I understand this can be difficult when you are balancing family, school and work and not everyone can achieve this.  When it comes to time management, you need to find a balance.  You need to complete the task as well as give yourself time to breathe.  So, whether you are a person that likes to accomplish or one that likes to ponder you will find some beneficial tips below:

Submitted by Kimberly Imdieke I Online Advisor


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