Booking it to the lake

As summer is quickly coming to an end my mind starts to produce random thoughts about the upcoming fall semester. “Is everything in place for me to get started on time with my online courses this fall?”

  • Registered – check √
  • Financial aid – check  √
  • D2L login – check √
  • Books – not yet

So books…hmm…

Do I use the Distance Minnesota Bookstore? Or do I get the ISBN and search for a cheaper place to purchase them? I usually just use the school’s bookstore. Why? Convenience sure, to get the correct book or (yup) laziness. Laziness. I’m just too lazy to do the leg work in finding them cheaper elsewhere. I don’t need the hassle of making my mind work so much prior to making it work so much once the semester starts. There’s plenty of time for that during the semester. I’ve got more important fish to fry. Speaking of frying fish…I should try and do some fishing this weekend. That’s a way better plan than hunting the web for slightly cheaper books.

Tom fishing

Tom fishing on Big Pine Lake, MN

I tell you what though; I’ll do some comparison shopping for you to show how a little leg work can save you some coin. I need three books for this fall. The prices at the Distance Minnesota Bookstore are $20.00, $15.60 and $130.75. Two of the three I’m not even going to bother with since they are relatively inexpensive. After some digging, I was able to find the third book for $105.49 at another website, which would save me a little over $25.00.

Nice. Twenty-five bucks will be more than enough for some bait for fishing this weekend.

Enjoy the remaining days of summer.

Contributed by: Tom Tougas | Program Specialist (and Distance Minnesota student)

**Note: The official book listing for Distance Minnesota courses can only be found at the Distance Minnesota Bookstore, although students are not required to purchase from there. However, students using financial aid or a third party funder are required to purchase books from the DM Bookstore.


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