Cultural balderdash…

“I chose cultural anthropology, since it offered the greatest opportunity to write high-minded balderdash.” – Kurt Vonnegut, Author

Mr. NonsenseOh, balderdash. Who doesn’t love a little bit of nonsense once in a while? Just check out some the events going on in Minnesota this week and try to tell me people don’t love fiddle-faddle! (Fiddle-faddle is honestly a synonym for balderdash, folks! Look it up!)

Why does our culture have such a long-standing tradition of balderdash (read also: fun)? A three credit course that introduces the study of human beings and the diversity in social ANTH1110 - Cultural Anthropologyrelations and culture might give you some insight. —————————————–>

Offered by Northwest Technical College this fall, ANTH1110 meets Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal Areas 2 and 5.

Interested? Register today.

Maybe something more straight-laced is your thing? Find available courses in a multitude of subject areas offered this fall. Contact an online advisor if you have any questions.

Contributed by: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor


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