Get it started!

Welcome to summertime at Distance Minnesota! Our summer courses are in full swing. We realize that reading textbooks, doing homework and taking tests is not an ideal way to spend your summer. Just keep your end goal in mind and know that sacrificing a leisurely summer (yes, we know that doesn’t ACTUALLY exist for any of our students) will get you closer to the finish faster!

Not enough? Well then, in the words of the great Black Eyed Peas, “don’t worry ’bout it people, we’ll walk you through it.”

  1. Log in to everything: To be sure you don’t miss anything, check Desire2Learn (D2L), your student email and eServices on a regular basis. We recommend doing so daily.
  2. Open the book: Life presents all kinds of opportunities to crack open your book, even on the beach or at a baseball game.
  3. Mark your calendar: Summers are busy. Calendar everything so you don’t miss any important assignments or test dates.
  4. Participate often: It’s easy to want to take mini vacations in the summer, but participating a little each day is a much better recipe for success versus cramming after a few days of procrastination.

[Need more tips for getting started? See our checklist.]

Keep in mind that summer always flies by, so you’ll finish up these courses in no time. For now…[dance break] Let’s Get It Started!

Contributor: Nicole Seifert | Sr. Online Advisor


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