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Honorary high school diploma

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It is never too late to create a memory on Memorial Day weekend or add an educational milestone to your bucket list!  My recollections of Memorial day include walks with my grandma, strolling through the cemetery with fresh geraniums and walking from bronze star to bronze star after hearing taps played by the best trumpet player in the high school band. Lives had been cut short by wars overseas and this weekend was a time to honor those who served. Graduations often land on the Memorial Day weekend too – How many of us remember that glorious day when we walked across the stage to pick up that hard-earned diploma.

Orin and Bud

Orin and Bud

Two local veterans have done just that! They each received an honorary high school diploma from New Yorks Mills HS. Orin (90) served in WWII as a medic and was stationed at 277 Station Hospital in Ascom City, South Korea.  He served in occupied Korea for 1 year.  Ken (83) was a member of the 97th Engineer Company and served in the supply depot as an Engineer Crane Operator.  He is still an active member of the VFW club here in New York Mills. They crossed the stage in pride and received honor and applause.

As young men and women left their families and crossed the Atlantic and the Pacific, they created memories. We are grateful to those who were (and continue to be) lucky enough to return, to share and teach us the values and character they have built through service to their Country. Let’s try to repay them by showing we care.

Add “Connect with a Veteran” to your own bucket list!  Whether it’s handing your Grandpa a high school diploma or buying someone a cup of coffee, you can create a smile.  There are many opportunities throughout the state. Here are a few to get you started:

Submitted by Kristi Karels | Online Technologist


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