Health programs abound at Distance Minnesota!

Career ladder

Start climbing your career ladder today!

Healthcare is a major segment of Minnesota’s workforce.  Upward mobility is there for anyone looking for it!  In this growing field, Distance Minnesota partners with 3 colleges and 1 university to offer 9 degrees, 6 diplomas and 6 certificates.  Any of these credentials could be an important rung on your career ladder.

Read some great information on iSeek about the variety of work available and the opportunities for growth and transitions once you enter the field.

There are two new opportunities within the Distance Minnesota  Health and Human Services online programs that deserve special attention!

Health Sciences Broad Field AS

This online program prepares students for transfer to a variety of health and human service related baccalaureate degree programs. Examples include, but are not limited to nursing, social work, nutrition, corrections, health education, and exercise science. This program positions a student for pursuit of these and other high demand health and human service careers. The curriculum includes instruction in the basic sciences and aspects of the subject matter related to various health occupations.

Community Health Worker, Certificate

A community health worker is a health and social services paraprofessional who works on the front lines with people who need assistance and guidance in getting health care. They play an important role to build trust and assurance in bridging the gap between cultural understanding of health care systems. They help navigate clients through systems and community services, overcoming barriers, understanding options, and accessing and benefiting from health services.

Are *YOU* ready to take one of the new jobs available in healthcare between now and 2020?  Start climbing your ladder today!

Submitted by Kristi Karels | Online Technologist (and mother of 6 — 33.3% of whom are entering a career in healthcare so far)


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