Why do I have more than one advisor?

If you take a look at your DARS report, you will notice that your Online Advisor has been added. You may be wondering…

What is the difference between an Online Advisor and a Faculty Advisor?dars shot for blog

When you apply or request information at Distance Minnesota, you are immediately assigned an Online Advisor based on your field of interest. Some of the things we are available do with you:

  • Provide online program requirements
  • Answer general academic advising questions
  • Discuss financing your education
  • Discuss transfer opportunities
  • Give information about college resources
  • Give info about general policies and procedures at the college
  • Help with MNSCU college applications
  • Guide you in making informed decisions regarding your career plans
  • Help you with registration process

Once you are admitted to an online major at Distance Minnesota, you are assigned a Faculty Advisor. He or she is located at your home college and is specialized in your program. Your Faculty Advisor will be available to:

  • help you select courses to fulfill graduation requirements
  • discuss the best course sequence
  • advise you on all academic matters

One of the great advantages of having an Online Advisor is that the Online Support Center Team is available 7 days a week. You will rarely have a hold time or be directed to voicemail if you call during our business hours and we always do our best to respond to emails within 24 hours. When you aren’t sure who can answer your question, give us a call, chat, or email and we will either find the answer or connect you with the person who has the answer.


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