Don’t get dropped!

The phrase “I got dropped” never has a good connotation. It could mean you lost reception on a phone call, your insurance company didn’t renew your plan or your girlfriend decided to hit the road. As a student the phrase means something just as ominous; it means you are no longer registered for the course you were looking forward to starting.dropped

Remember those important dates I wrote about  10 days ago? Well, there is a biggie coming up very soon. On December 20, 2012, the first “registration cancellation for non-payment” will occur. When that happens, all students who do not have a financial aid award in place or payment arrangements made will be automatically removed from their course(s).

You might be thinking, “No big deal, I’ll just re-register for them.” You certainly can do that if there is still a seat available. Spring semester is starting soon and many classes have a healthy waiting list full of students eagerly waiting to grab the seat you just lost.

How can you avoid getting dropped from your course? Make payment arrangements! I cannot stress enough the importance of making a payment plan with each college you are taking a course through in order to secure your seat. Do it now; don’t get dropped!


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