Negative Inspiration

A deadline is negative inspiration. Still, it’s better than no inspiration at all. ~Rita Mae Brown

meme fall semes

Does your life feel jammed with important dates and events to remember? Everything from holidays to work to final exams with a dentist appointment sprinkled in the mix? While college is a priority, sometimes the events of everyday life cause students to forget the academic calendar and deadlines that are vital to remaining a successful online learner.

To help you out, we have consolidated all important dates into one list for all Distance Minnesota partner schools. Check it out for drop and withdrawl dates, registration and bookstore opening dates as well as payment deadlines.

We also have a calendar summarizing upcoming events that are free to you as a Distance Minnesota student. The event topics vary widely, but could be important for your program of choice, academic success, job hunt, or feeling a sense of community with other online learners.

The wisest plan of action is to lay out your calendar a month ahead to give yourself the freedom to think creatively to come up with new ways to meet all of your commitments like these kids learned in the 2 minute video below:


2 thoughts on “Negative Inspiration

  1. This article was awesome and helped me see that planning can make a difference! I want to be more creative – and if putting basic ideas “out there” will help free me up for creativity – then I will make the effort!

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