Counting craziness

From the time we are little, we are taught to count! Counting fingers, toes and cheerios all come in handy when passing time with little ones. By the time we grow out of diapers, we start counting friends, cousins and dogs in the neighborhood. When we are old enough to be in the double-digits (10 years old is a milestone), counting becomes a lot more interesting – because we need to be able to multiply, divide, add and subtract all those numbers.

Once we hit the teen years, we can’t wait to have a job! Then we can start counting money as it hits our savings account… We are definitely still using those skills we learned as a youngster, counting nickels and dimes and making sure our balance stays greater than zero.

Now that we are all grown up, you may find some other numbers interesting!

Enjoy the last 22 days of summer vacation!

Contributed by: Kristi Karels, Online Technologist


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