Getting organized: Please don’t feed the dust bunnies

A few years ago I entered a contest. First prize was an energy-efficiency remodeling of the winner’s home. I made it to the final three where the grand prize winner was based on whose home was least efficient. A nice lady called me to set up an appointment to have my house evaluated.

She said, “All they do is hook a suction system to your front door and read the values from there.” I asked, “So they don’t actually come into the house?” She replies, “Not that I am aware of.

Ah, perfect. I clean the kitchen until it sparkles since that is the only room they will see.

Two men arrived and did hook a suction system to the door…then proceeded to go through every, and I mean EVERY, nook and cranny in my house. Upstairs (kid’s rooms were horrible), bathroom (made the kid’s rooms seem clean), basement (what a joke), and everywhere in between.

They pulled beds away from the walls. Apparently I have never vacuumed there based on the size of the rabid dust-bunnies. In one of the bedrooms, there was a softball-size hole in the wall. I don’t want to get into the story of how that came to be, so let’s just say there was a hole that should have been fixed long ago. The guy with the air-testing probe was seriously excited, “Heyyy! Nice! You got holes in the walls; makes it easy to measure the insulation thickness!Uh-huh. Real nice.

The door suction system created a draft throughout the house. The guy with the probe pointed up toward the ceiling and said to his partner and I, “See, there is a lot of air movement, look at how all the cobwebs are waving.Yep, we see them clearly.

I followed them for two hours with my arms crossed, cheeks painfully flushed, cringing with my eyes going shut every time we entered a new room thinking “why, why, WHY don’t I keep the house clean and organized??”

Once you have a clear picture of your priorities – that is values, goals, and high leverage activities – organize around them. ~ Stephen Covey

I don’t have tips for your home (obviously), but I do have a great one for organizing your student and professional life. I offer you a fantastic site to help you shape your career, education, finances, and learn how to balance them all along with your family and community. Check out GPS LifePlan to see how Goals + Planning = Success. I would be happy to help you navigate GPS LifePlan, give me a call anytime at .

Oh, and about the contest… I didn’t win, someone from South Dakota did.   All I got was a few of those swirly light bulbs, a low-flow shower head and a story to share when people start talking about housework. Better than nothing, right?

Like my grandma used to say, “keep the house clean enough to be healthy and dusty enough to be happy.”

Contributed by: Nikki Perala | Online Advisor


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