Procrastination…I’ll think up a better title later

A couple of months ago, The Powers That Be decided that we should take a shot at blogging.

“Nikki, would you like to be our blogger?”

“Heck yeah! I’ll write something up today!”

It sounded so easy and there are an unlimited number of blog topics that might interest online students. I didn’t listen to anything for the rest of the meeting as grandiose thoughts raced through my mind. I was picturing millions of faithful fans eagerly waiting to read insightful, soon-to-be viral blog posts.

Fast forward one month….

“So, how is the blog coming along?” “ummm….maybe next week…”

Fast forward two more weeks…

“Well, do you have a post for us to read?” “ummmmmmm….”

I'll find a picture later

As an advisor, I have piles of resources and tips to help students avoid procrastination. I can recite a flawless lecture on the advantages of breaking a project down into small, manageable steps to be accomplished prior to the deadline.

In my personal life, I am a professional procrastinator. I don’t practice what I preach. Then, one day, while searching for something to Tweet about…Enlightenment! I found a blog by Gretchen Rubin where she refers to the writer Raymond Chandler. His thought: the fastest way to get something done, is to do nothing until it is done. Nothing.

No “I may as well start a load of laundry since it can run while I write my blog”

No “just check my email quick since I’m on the computer anyway”

No getting supper started.

No mowing the lawn.


Sit in a chair, stare at the wall, and Do Nothing.

Sounds enjoyable, right? As I read it I knew I would love to do nothing, it would be a glorious retreat from my busy life. So I tried it.

I lasted about 3 minutes before I started to get twitchy. My eyes flitted around the room seeing all the things I should have been getting done. I made it, by virtue of my stubbornness, about 5 minutes before gritting my teeth, grabbing my laptop and starting to type.

My house is a mess and my kids are hungry since I didn’t do my usual procrastination baking and cleaning, but the blog is done. Give Nothing a try, I’d love to hear if it works for you!

Contributed by: Nikki Perala | Online Advisor


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